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November 2022

"It's always about the money!"

13 October 2022

I love it when people say to me:

"but Harry, it's not about the money." Really?!  Do you actually believe that? Now I'm the first to support that money isn't everything. There are a lot of things that are important. I’m also not saying that money should be your sole...

A guy talking in a meeting

5 Myths Business Owners have about Staff

12 September 2022

Staff, employees, or team members; sometimes also referred to as aliens (well at least referred to as aliens by me), are always an interesting subject. They are the easiest and best way to leverage any business but often also come with issues, stress points, frustrations, and...

Human body with a burnt out matchstick for the head

Buckle Up!

05 Aug 2022

The past two weeks, I’ve found myself at the center of conversations with negative, depressed, stressed and very emotional people. With the very odd exception, people are taking huge strain. They’re deeply concerned, worried about the future and...

Lady holding a sign - come in we're open

Summer Businesses are Built in Winter 

08 July 2022

We’ve all heard it before, Summer bodies are built in winter! Businesses are no different. It applies to just about everything. If I want summer finances, I need to be putting in the extra effort during winter...

7 Financial tips

7 Tips for Massive Financial Impact

15 June 2022

Money is colour blind, gender neutral and a simple measurement of an exchange of value. Like it or not, it is also the ingredient that keeps score in business and collectively makes up the critical element of finance in any business...

The PIP Formula

05 May 2022

When I ask any manager or business owner: “Do you believe you’re getting the full potential out of your staff members?”  The answers is almost always an easy ‘No’.


So when I ask their staff: “Do you honestly believe you’re currently delivering at your full potential in your role?”.  Again most often it’s an easy ‘No’.  So where does the problem lie?...

How Discounting can Harm a Business 

06 April 2022

Some salespeople have a tendency to think that giving a discount is the easiest, quickest way to make a sale. Of course, they may be right, but what about the profit they’re giving away? 
If a product has a profit margin of 30% and salespeople give a 10% discount to make the sale, a company loses a massive one-third (33.33%) of the available profit...

What is Lifetime Value?

08 March 2022

Lifetime value is how much a customer is worth to you over the entire period that they will do business with you. For example, if your average customer spends R200 every time he or she makes a purchase from you, and that customer will typically make one purchase a month and do business with you, their lifetime value is as follows...

3 Financial New Year Budget Fails and How to Avoid Them

03 February 2022

Probably even more so than the start of the year; the start of the financial year should bring with it the chance to start again.  What happened between 1 March 2021 and 28 February 2022 will soon be gone forever and you need to bank the learnings and move on … quickly!

Goals ActionCOACH Impact Stellenbosch

I’m so over GOALS!  Really?

14 Jan 2022

Welcome back to 2022. I hope you at least managed to get some rest time over the festive period and that you enjoyed some peace and quiet, some great family time, some ‘me’ time, and of course that you had way too much to eat and drink. No doubt you’ve come back energised, focused and ready for an awesome 2022! Or have you?...

Festive Season

Tis The Season To Be Thankful. The Festive Period: 4+1 R's

10 Dec 2021

It’s the end of 2021 and again this year has been a tumultuous ride.  Some businesses have had their best year ever, others are plodding along as normal and then there are still a few decimated but the global pandemic. ....


5 Steps to Get High-Quality Referrals from your Clients

10 Nov 2021

If you got just one referral from each one of your clients, over the next 60 days you’d double your client base...

Black Entrepreneur

10 Common Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make

10 Oct 2021

The biggest mistake an entrepreneur can make is to ignore failure. If success has not come to the venture, wipe the slate clean and reassess the investment...

summer turn up the heat business article working during summer

Turn Up The Heat

15 Sept 2021

Spring Day most certainly crept up on me and all of a sudden there it was. I had to rush to buy some ‘Spring-ish’ flowers (as the friendly cashier put it) and organised a last-minute Spring breakfast at a nearby restaurant for the team....

ActionCOACH Lindie Malan

Why Women Are Better Business Coaches

Aug 2021

As we celebrate Women’s Month it’s been interesting reflecting on our team’s performance over the past 14 years in South Africa.  Whilst women make up only 30% of the total business coaching team of ActionCOACHes they comprise 50% of our Top 10 coaches...

Beach Bodies Are Made In Winter

Beach Bodies Are Built In Winter

July 2021

So why the title: ‘Beach bodies are built in winter’ you may be asking. Well, many of us set idealistic goals about being bronzed and having 6-packs on the beach during our December holidays – or at least versions of the same toned and strong beach body...

Busyness Business Blog

Why BUSINESS is not about BUSYNESS

9 June 2021

One of the biggest problems for business owners is that we convince ourselves that being busy is what business is all about and that as long as we are giving our all, then there is not much else that we can do.....

Advertising Tips ActionCOACH Impact

7 ways to get the most out of advertising

12 May 2021

Advertising is a significant investment for any company. If approached correctly, it can yield great results, but in the same way, if it fails, it can be an expensive mistake. There are seven key areas of advertising that will help give insight into getting it right...

Increase Profits ActionCOACH

5 Ways to Increase Profits

15 April 2021

Conventional business looks at sales from the standpoint of three variables, namely sales, expenses and profits defined by the formula: Sales - Expenses = Profits.
In this narrow approach, each variable depends on the other forcing businesses to look at either increasing sales or decreasing expenses in order to influence profitability...

Overcoming fear in business

5 Ways to Overcome Fear in your Business

19 March 2021

Fear is a great emotion and very necessary to ensure our survival. It is however just as good at keeping us stuck and not allowing us to act on our dreams and aspirations. Nowhere is this more prevalent than when wanting to venture out on your own into the big wide world of entrepreneurship....


Salary, ROI or both?

4 Feb 2021

If you’re like most entrepreneurs you simply live out the till. When the till has more money in it you live a little better and when the till has nothing … well you get the picture.

Saving Tips

10 Money Saving New Year Resolutions

5 Jan 2021

It’s January and I know regret is slowly creeping in. Not only did you not make nearly enough money last year; you also spent pretty much all of it.


Secrets of the Most Productive People

10 Dec 2020

Like it or not there are very few secrets left in the world. Google has already, for free, provided us with all the answers human beings know...