The biggest risk you can take, is to do nothing.” - Bradley J Sugars, Founder, ActionCOACH

Meet the team behind ActionCOACH Impact

They are passionate about helping businesses thrive. Not only will they greet you with a smile when you visit the Stellenbosch office, but they are also only a call or email away.

Belinda Welby-Cooke

Belinda Welby-Cooke


Placid Belinda prefers working in the background and loves to tackle the work other people don't always fancy. When she is not spending time with her three kids, she thoroughly enjoys looking after and visiting with babies at Heartlands Baby Sanctuary.

Claudell van Eeden

Claudell van Eeden

Marketing Specialist

Fun-loving Claudell has a passion for all things Marketing. She believes if you don't give the market the story to talk about, they'll define your brands story for you. When not at work, Claudell unwinds with shopping, reading, spending time with family and exploring local destinations.

Desire Jones

Désiré Jones


Compassionate Désiré is driven by her love to help others. She is always a call or email away - some call her the 'mom' of the team. Outside of work Désiré spends her time on all things creative, from photography and vlogging to ceramic painting.